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Middleport Mechanical Maintenance Protection Program (MPP)

Most people wouldn’t avoid changing the oil in their vehicle but fail to keep up their air conditioner or furnace maintenance. Maintaining your HVAC system is no different. By getting involved in a quality maintenance program you will reduce energy costs, extend equipment life, optimize comfort conditions and increase system reliability. Just knowing your equipment is operating safely is peace of mind in itself.

Many businesses use the “breakdown maintenance program.” In other words, “I’ll worry about it when it breaks.” We all know this almost always happens at the most inconvenient time, like when it’s 20 below zero or 95 degrees in the shade. This way of handling things is also very hard on your equipment and may decrease the life of it by up to half. It’s important to remember that maintaining is much cheaper than replacing.

HVAC Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • Trusted, certified HVAC technicians
  • Fast response – emergency service
  • Appointment times to fit your schedule
  • Maintain and validate manufacturer warranties
  • Maintain and validate home warranties
  • Reduce the risk of costly breakdowns
  • Extend equipment life
  • Increased heating and cooling efficiency
  • Improved comfort and reliability
  • Maintain safe operation
  • Reduce energy bills
  • 15% Discount on air quality accessories (air cleaners, humidifiers, duct cleaning and more)
  • 15% Discount on repairs
  • Agreement is transferable
  • No overtime charges

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